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California serves
patients in all South
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Aliso Viejo,
Capistrano Beach,
Corona Del Mar,
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Physical Medicine Rehabilitation (PMR)
  Includes Functional exercises, Physiotherapy, Nutritional Counseling,
 Kinesiology Taping, Weight Loss (or Gain if competing)

Disability Insurance Exams
 Medical Certificates issued at visit

Work Related Injury Employer Exams
   QME State of CA DWC Required Exams
   Functional Capacity Impairment Exams

Laboratory / Diagnostics
 Image Read Session
 MRI/CatScans/X-rays and Record Review Session and Testing

Return to Sport/Work
 Medical Certificate issued at visit


   Expedient scheduling of patient examinations
   Quick turn-around- time for reports
   Compliance with AMA, ACOEM guidelines
   Fair and objective assignments of permanent impairment
   Experienced  Peer-Review Medical & Claim Records Qualified- Texas and CA
   Expert courtroom testimony and litigation support
           relating to complex spinal cases;
           disability evaluations;
           medical record reviews and opinion  and/or
           worker's compensation cases
   Deposition available in San Clemente office
Qualified Medical Evaluator                                     Nancy M. Martin Molina, D.C.
Sports Medicine                               647 Camino De Los Mares, Suite 226
Work Injury & Disability Examiner         San Clemente, CA 92673. 949.248.2826

Dr. Nancy M. Martin Molina, DC, MBA, JD
Independent Medical Evaluator & Qualified Medical
Evaluator -State of CA

Prior to obtaining her State Board Professional
license as a Chiropractic Sport's Physician- her
community service was as a Former Paramedic
Aero-Life Flight Medic  and EMS Special Events
Coordinator for over a decade  in Las Vegas

Her extensive training took her to facilities such
as Caesar's Palace and the Las Vegas Convention
Center as an EMS Trauma Coordinator, and later,
to the Department of Energy's Nevada Test Site
at Los Alamos, New Mexico, where she obtained
a Queen's Federal Clearance Classification in
order to oversee their outlying field and
hospital-based paramedic units.

Within forensics, during her undergraduate
years, Dr. Molina worked as a forensic
pathologist assistant to Sheldon Green MD, an
associate chief medical examiner in Las Vegas,
Nev. Later she became Deputy Coroner to the
chief medical examiner there. She  performed
analyses for Las Vegas Metropolitan Police
Department, as well as Nevada Superior Court
Justice System.

Wealth of experience and training!
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