Nancy M. Martin Molina DC MBA QME & CCSP
Molina Chiropractic To Wellness

This is what Molina Chiropractic To Wellness is all about-
Empowering you to achieve tangible, sustainable results.
Dr. Nancy Martin Molina DC,
Qualified Medical Evaluator                     Nancy M. Martin Molina, D.C.
Sports Medicine                                    647 Camino De Los Mares, Suite 226
Work Injury & Disability Examiner            San Clemente, CA 92673. 949.248.2826
Dr. Nancy Martin Molina helps people every day.

"I'm especially saddened at how many people struggle with  alcohol abuse
or addictive behaviors and substance abuse."

"We must break this cycle at all costs"

"Teach physical fitness and weight training and nutrition to the masses"

"I want to show the patient that you can achieve anything in incredible  
ways though proper exercise, mind focus and proper eating"

Molina Chiropractic To Wellness

Integrative chiropractic medicine emphasizes  complementary and
alternative medicine in assessing and treating the whole person;  
body, mind, and spirit.

At Molina Chiropractic To Wellness  
we take an honest, effective, real-life
approach to achieving total health- from
the inside out.

The goal is to Empower people to take
control of their health,
Transform their
body, and
Change their life and to do so
without drugs, intelligently, effectively
and safely.
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"Its important to me
that I help you to
understand your own
body and how it
should be functioning.
Once we discover it's  
errors, together we
will plan what
modalities, methods
and even professional
community referrals
to assist you that  will
utilize for
you  improved and
optimal  function."
We offer a full range of functional laboratory testing;

Tests available:

◾Detoxification function panels
◾Food allergen panels
◾Digestive and gut function analyses
◾Parasitology testing
◾Adrenal Stress Profile
◾Thyroid function
◾Neurotransmitter Function
◾Female and Male Hormone Profiles
◾Cardiovascular risk assessment
◾Diabetes panels / Insulin Resistance
◾Fatty Acid Balance
◾Lyme Disease testing
◾Viral Screens
◾Amino acid profile
◾Heavy Metal Screens

If you are interested in any of these tests, please contact this office.

     Further, our office works with many dedicated health care
providers in various specialities and sub-specialities and once we
determine your needs - we would be happy to provide your referral
in order that you are confident in seeing the right type of doctor.